Missions of Royal Conciergerie Privée with employees

How to save time, find a better balance between private life and professional life?

Royal Conciergerie Privée, is at your service to manage everything you need or desire, our wide range of services at your disposal, will allow you to facilitate the management of your schedule with a quality door-to-door service in your company Or at home.

Experience the best through the services implemented by Royal Conciergerie Privée, your concierge, and its service providers without organizational constraints.


Royal Conciergerie Privée your concierge is at your service through a free and unlimited access to all our services according to the type of concierge chosen by your company.

The connection with our various providers, the requested searches, or even the advice are completely free.

You will pay only the cost of the service at the market price or at a price negotiated by Royal Conciergerie Privée.

On call or by e-mail, your concierge Royal Conciergerie Privée is at your disposal to serve you either at your workplace or at your home.

Royal Conciergerie Private your ally for a better life.


Royal Conciergerie Privée, is a real lever for HR by contributing to the increase of the productivity and the performance of your company.

Our primary concern is to help you improve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by reducing the daily lives of employees and managers through a range of useful services that are accessible to all within the company or remotely.

The proximity of your concierge, you will guarantee the well being of each.

Operation of Royal Conciergerie Privée in your company.

Virtual Concierge Services 

It is free and unlimited access to all services on simple call or email that does not require pickup or delivery on site.

  • Conciergerie de proximitéA free and unlimited access to all services including the intervention of Royal Conciergerie Privée providers, at your workplace (delivery of organic baskets, information on nutrition by experts, relaxing massage session …).

  • Frequent visits by your concierge will be organized to guarantee the well being of each and to organize animations to improve exchanges between employees.

       From the connection to the execution follow-up, your Royal Conciergerie Privée takes care of everything.

Physical concierge

  • Through the provision of an accessible space by your company, your concierge will take care of you to accommodate and respond to the different demands of your employees (organization of personal orders, deliveries at the workplace, reception of various partners Royal Conciergerie Privée).

  • This type of physical concierge will be perfect for companies with a large workforce.

  • Your concierge at your fingertips.

Concierge  point Exclusively for  the  companies  and  the  leaders .

  • A real facilitator, Royal Conciergerie Privée will allow you to organize a breakfast, a dinner, a cocktail, a launch party, a seminar, a meeting, a federating day between employees, to welcome your customers to the airport or to the Station and much more, we take care of everything throughout France.


The cost of the subscription varies according to the following criteria:

  • Of the chosen concierge mode

  • Of your workforce

  • The expectation of your employees

  • Of your geographical location

Pricing is assessed and contractually formalized on a case-by-case basis.

The company chooses a monthly subscription that takes care of the running costs of the Conciergerie.

The subscription is not subject to social security contributions.

The employee has free and unlimited access to all services.

The connection with our various providers, the requested searches, or even the advice are completely free.

You will pay only the cost of the service at the market price or at a price negotiated by Royal Conciergerier Privée.

The services of your concierge in the company

Royal Conciergerie Privée, your concierge,  offers  its  services  in your  company  :

  • Manage your expenses

  • Small purchases

  • Administrative procedures and tasks

  • Computer support, rental of equipment (video projector), room hire

  • Deliveries of parcels and mail

  • Welcome your guests

  • Driver

  • Airport / Hotel Transfers

  • Reservation of taxi, plane, train, hotel

  • Breakfast and breaks

  • Catering

  • Delivery of meal trays, sandwiches, salads …

  • Delivery of flowers, chocolates, wines, spirits, fruit baskets

  • Purchase gifts (end of year celebrations, birthday, birth, customer …)

  • Bring your stakeholders together

  • Rental of meeting space

  • Events (Launching of a project, presentation of a new employee, launch of a new product, team animation, end-of-year meals, retirement, general assembly …)

  • Organization of seminars, sports day, inauguration, cocktail, sports event.

  • Purchase gifts (end of year celebrations, birthday, birth, customer …)

Maintaining Your Means

  • Managing your fleet

  • Cleaning of vehicles

  • Supervision of the building

  • Cleaning of premises

  • Moving company

  • Cleaning company linen

  • Collection of electronic waste, cardboard, paper …

Non exhaustive list

  • Management of your laundry with collection and collection of laundry for washing, cleaning, ironing, retouching, dyeing.

  • Massages, aesthetic treatments, hairdressing, relaxation classes, yoga, stretching, foot reflexology, french manicure …

  • Delivery of meal tray

  • Delivery of flowers, chocolates, wines, spirits

  • Shoe Repair

  • Delivery of Organic Fruit and Vegetable Baskets

  • Parcel and postal service

  • Administrative formalities (car registration, passport, identity card …)

  • Ecological washing without water of your vehicle, repair (mechanical and glazing), maintenance, technical inspection

In the absence of the office, deliveries can be made at home.

  • Administrative procedures

  • Take appointment (hairdresser, dentist, doctor, garage …)

  • Search for information or providers

  • Search – Comparison before purchase

  • Information and accompaniment on civil status documents, Visas, Vehicles (forms, who to contact, documents to provide …)

  • Assistance with administrative procedures (civil registry, Gray card, Visas …)

  • Photo development

the concierge of your services for your  leisure  and  event

Royal  Conciergerie Privée , your concierge, offers its services for your  leisure  and your  event  :

  • Week-end, stays on measurements

  • Reservations for train, plane tickets

  • Car Hire

  • Tickets for concerts, shows, sporting events, tickets sold out or not found, ask me

  • Helicopter flights, parachute jumping …

  • Reservation of rooms for your evenings

  • Event planning

  • Caterer, Music Group, DJ …