We Royal Conciergerie Privée offers private concierge services for businesses and individuals, delivered at home, in the office or remotely in order to facilitate the management of your daily life.

We therefore play the role of intermediary between the client and the professionals while being in some cases direct service provider if the requested service does not require special qualities.

Private concierge services usually offer the traditional services (but essential to saving time) dedicated to stewardship with benefits like:
A housekeeper
A maid
a butler
A chef
A guard,
a nurse, …

With the aim of surpassing the expectations of their clients, conciergeries are extending their services to much more personalized services.

Reception and transfer airport, station
car with driver
luxury car rental
Cleaning your vehicle
limousine hire
private helicopter / jet rental
Boat Rental
Service of cleaning and maintenance
service maid, housekeeper
theme party organization, cocktail , reception
gourmet Chef at home
show booking, sporting events,
Cultural and artistic
booking airline tickets, cruises, amusement park
Reservation baby sitter, taxi, restaurant
golf tee Reservation
Management groceries, flowers, Commissioning accessories up daily deliveries
Service Laundry
sports Coach
architect, interior decorator
administrative Documents
Finding an exclusive residence, arrange a private shopping at a creative, dig up your favorite cigar but not found, acquire the numbered version of a very limited Comic book Spa or a palace, managing a personal or professional event, skills are usually multiple.